Live Streaming Solution

Go Streaming Beyond the Limitation of Screens


Stream Your Live Content the Way You Want

Get bigger, better and engage a wide range of audience with the superpower of live streaming solution.

Live Streams Broadcasted to Global Users

Live Video Streaming

Streamline real-time videos in high definition adaptive bitrate to hit the ground overseeing to engage the audience on any sizes of screen.

Streaming Video On Demand

Save, manage and disperse upto interminable live streaming video content blend with the advanced encoding technology that you can’t say no to.

Uninterruptible service and redundancy

Content Delivery Network

Handpicked Content Delivery Network with a multi-geography architecture that ensures your video content reaches your viewers in lightning-fast speed without the slightest dip in video quality. Experience buffer-free live streaming even live videos are syndicated to third party websites.

PC / Mobile Device Compatible

Live Delivery to Every Device

Our live video streaming platform can empower you to stream live videos to omni-screen sizes that keeps changing from time to time. HTML5 player ensures that videos fit snugly into screen dimensions without any dip in picture quality or buffering issues.

Overcome mobile device fragmentations

Our online video platform provides a video player that lets your deliver video contents across multiple browsers, smartphones, mobile phones and primitive flash-supported browsers as well. As video on demand platform providers we render solutions for you to cater to the new-age viewer demands.

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