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Mootech Asia delivers websites, online platform systems, and computing as a service. As a managed hosting provider, Mootech Asia supplies and manages network, system data center, IPv4 transit and security technology.

With years of experience in managing various online trading and gaming sites.

Have a team of specialize engineers trained to handle network management and DDoS Mitigation.

We provide a one-stop shop to our customer hosting needs.

Monitoring and Alerting

Infrastructure Monitoring is a key to effective management. We enable customers to monitor availability and performance of customer’s IT systems so that customer can proactively take actions to maintain high uptimes.

24x7 proactive monitoring and alerting for infrastructure omponents and applications of customer’s needs.

Client-specific monitoring portal with dashboards, information views, monitor group views, and more.

Sophisticated alerting and escalation mechanisms with service level agreements; automated correlation of related alerts and contextual system information.

State-of-the-art monitoring available as platform incorporating the latest third-party as well as proprietary tools that are constantly being upgraded.

Each individual entity monitored, whether it is a server/device, database, or application, comprises one monitor.

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